What if….?

“What if?”

Have you ever thought about what would have happened if you had invested $ 100 in Bitcoin 8 years ago and left it in your wallet? You would have received 2,000 Bitcoin for that amount at that time, which would represent 7,000,000 $ today. A great return, isn’t it?

But probably you, like many others, have not invested, because (bank-engaged) experts proclaimed a cryptocurrency cannot be sustainable in the long term. Bitcoin has shown in recent years a development that convinces all skeptics of the opposite. Over the years, many new applications and business models have emerged in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies around Bitcoin, with a bright future ahead of them. Large financial companies are currently embarking on this approaching move, which will further enhance the value of Blockchain technology. Unfortunately, the crypto community lost sight of what Bitcoin should actually represent:

An independent currency, which isn’t under the control of any  third-party !

Bitcoin and its siblings have become a financial and investment instrument over time. But to make quick payment of small sums it has become uneconomical.

With the S-PAY coin, we now create a crypto currency, with its own blockchain, which can do just that, which Bitcoin does not offer. Fast, easy payments worldwide at low fees, with an interface to other crypto currencies but also to the normal financial system.

The S-PAY Coin combines the benefits of the cryptocurrency with those of the widely available banking and financial systems. Fast payments, available everywhere, quickly exchangeable with required FIAT or cryptocurrencies. A decentralized wallet that generates more S-PAY coins. A multi-wallet platform where a normal person dealing with online banking can manage, trade and pay with Crypto and Fiat currencies. Through the native debit card, the desired sum of FIAT is available in real time at millions of ATMs worldwide. And, by separating into an offshore and onshore division, this is possible with the greatest possible anonymity.

Now back to the initial question. What if  you now could invest in a community system such as S-PAY, a coin that will have a maximum of 15 million units in coin supply (that’s 7 million less than bitcoin and billions less than other coins). Would you do it? Would you now be there to catch the train in time? Because, when you at the cryptocurrency-development of the past few years, you now can easily figure out how much value the SPC will have got in a few years. S-PAY is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to manage and pay on the internet or the real world. As the number of customers increases, the system will realize high revenues from fees for cards, payments, and the exchanges involving the entire community, either in the form of direct participation or by raising the price of the coin. So you can only win!

More than 7,000 new registrations in the last few days speak for themselves! The S-PAY train is starting to move in, get in before it’s too late! Otherwise you may have ask yourself again in a few years:

“What if…?”

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