For better understanding: “The S-PAY Referral Program”

“The S-PAY Referral Program”

Many of you have not even noticed that the S-PAY ICO has got an advertising system with which you can easily earn money. This system works as follows:

If you recommend someone to join the S-PAY ICO, you will directly receive 10% commission from the amount of the order of your referred participant. You can refer as many people as you want, there is no limit to the number of participants in each level. If the people in your 1st level also enthuse people about the S-PAY ICO, you get 1% of the order value from the 2nd level as a bonus. The same applies to the 3rd and 4th level. As a bonus you get 2% commision for the 5th level. This is because experience shows that this level will contain the most participants.

Sample calculation:

You recruit 5 people, who each recruit 5 people again and this up to the 5 level. Each of these participants buys 60 Euro S-PAY Tokens. Then your income statement would look like this:

1st Level 10% -> 5 * 6 Euro = 30 Euro

2nd Level 1% -> 5 * 5 * 0,60 Euro = 15 Euro

3rd Level 1% -> 5 * 5 * 5 * 0,60 Euro = 75 Euro

4th Level 1% -> 5 * 5 * 5 *5 * 0,60 Euro = 375 Euro

5th Level 2% -> 5 * 5 *5 *5 *5 * 0,60 Euro = 3750 Euro

Total:                                                              4245 Euro

If you simply calculate the above example with 10 recruited participants instead of 5, you would receive 120,000 Euro in the 5th level. This is of course very optimistic, but there are people who can build such a – or a much bigger – downline without problems. You get bonuses in your affiliate area on the ICO page displayed as SPC tokens. You can get your reward either in SPC tokens on your wallet or in BTC, ETH, LTC or via bank transfer in Euros.

For advertising purposes, we have provided the advertising link that applies to you and some banners in German and English in your “My Account” after you have registered your free S-PAY account at With a little advertising you can sure enlarge your community and earn money.

If you just want to help to enlarge the community and make your S-PAY better known, you can also register for the S-PAY Airdrop and Bounty program and get free tokens. The conditions for those programs can be found here:

Bounty Program:


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