The S-PAY Coin becomes the main payment instrument in the S-PAY ecosystem. S-PAY Coins can then be purchased on market exchanges or be earned via mining. They can be used for example to pay for fees and acquire credit cards.

Because of its PoS – protocol, the S-PAY Coin does not only constitute a worldwide means of payment, discount or shareholding for its users. It also can be saved (“staked”) and in this case is earning up to 10% interest for its owners. For this reason it pays off twice to own S-PAY Coins.

By buying these Tokens you have a certified rights issue to receive S-PAY – Coins at a rate of 1:1000.

Minimum Buy: 1000 Tokens (below this limit no checkout possible)

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  • Special Price for fast deciders
  • Fully entitled S-PAY Coin Token – Exchange Ratio 1:1000
  • Minimum Buy: 1000 Tokens
  • Maximum Buy: unlimited
  • All SPC-Tokens bought after 05.05.2019 generate 1% Staking-Interest per month