“Double your Tokens!” Campaign extended until launch of the new S-PAY Network CRM!

The “Double your Tokens!” campaign has been extended until the launch of the new S-PAY Network CRM (approx. mid-August 2019)!

Dear S-PAY – investors, fans and interested people!

To support those of you, who already do diligent S-PAY Networking, we extend the S-PAY “Double your Tokens!” campaign until the launch of the new S-PAY Network CRM, which will happen around mid-August.

Meaning for all networkers among you that you have even more time, to point out the unique S-PAY opportunity to new prospects, and thus having an additional benefit argument!

And the new S-PAY token owners also have 100% more “new” SPC tokens generating 1% interest per month! (Read here)

To take advantage of this opportunity, just promote your affiliate link (found under “Affiliate” in your “My Account” section) to new investors and explain them how to get their doubled “STAKING” S-PAY tokens in the SPAY Shop!

We wish you a lot of success,
Your S-PAY Team!

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