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We know you are Crypto fit …

You’re a pro at crypto currencies, know the different technologies, use your wallets like the purse in your back pocket. Congratulation! You belong to the privileged 0.1% of the world population! You are the elite! What do I want to tell you?

While 99.9% of the Earth’s reading population has somewhere heard something of cryptocurrencies, but they can’t do anything with this small knowledge. However, 100% of these people know what FIAT money is, can use it and handle it without having to do big studies. Imagine, there comes a system that gives these people the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies like normal money.

There is a huge market for this system because it combines the advantages of common money with that of cryptocurrencies. Your mother, father, siblings, uncles, aunts, simply speaking your whole environment that follows your comments on cryptocurrencies so far with big surprise but still shaking heads on it, could suddenly use your beloved crypto currency like the bill and the change in your pocket. Do you understand the relevance of such a system? Your cryptocurrency could enter the lives of all the people you know, with no big learning curve, study, endless webinars and hours of explanation. Everyone can use it just like they are used to by normal online banking.

You now might say: Beautiful dream, great vision. When that happens and my beloved cryptocurrency becomes commonplace, I regain personal freedom that is gradually being taken from the power elite. My coins would get a real, usable value and the price of these coins would explode.

We say: this vision is near! With our system we are following the path not to create yet another cryptocurrency, which has great new features, but a cryptocurrency that offers anonymity to all those who need it, and to everyone else the opportunity to use cryptocurrency like your usual money.

We combine the advantages of both worlds of finance and give all people the opportunity to become “Cryptoable” and to use Crypto technology, as they know it from normal currency since their beginnings.

Exactly this system is in the starting blocks and needs you to make the vision real. Over 5,000 registrations in the last 2 days speak for themselves! Help us to make the community known and invest in your (our) vision! Before I forget: Of course, you can invest with us and make money, but this is more of a side effect, right?

S-PAY – We make the rest of the world “Cryptoable”!

PS: You like what you read? Talk to us and write comments on this post – show us your vision. You can also reach us in our telegram group (, via Facebook ( and Twitter ( or via e-mail ([email protected]).

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