Dear S-PAY community,

We are pleased to announce the start of the final S-PAY ICO in time for the new year.

The last few months have been filled with beta testing of the website’s new website, token shop and token wallet system. Exactly, that’s right, the S-PAY ICO website at https://ico.s-pay.me has its own wallet system so you can manage your tokens right in your account. You can also transfer or transfer your S-PAY coin tokens to any other tokenable Ethereum wallet.

These tests are now complete and the ICO has been activated! Click on the button below to go directly to the S-PAY – ICO website, where you will find all the important information about the S-PAY coin, the white paper and the token shop.

As a New Year gift, the S-PAY – Coin Token PRESALE runs until 31.01.2019, where you can secure your S-PAY Tokens for a THIRD of the original price.

An interesting bounty program has also been started. More about this: https://ico.s-pay.me/en/s-pay-bounty-program

But now we wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and much JOY & WIN with the S-PAY – Coin ICO. One of the most interesting coin projects in 2019.

Your S-PAY team

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