Cryptofit or Cryptoable?

Many crypto-specialists forget that “normal” people are interested in cryptocurrencies but not in the mood to study the complete technique. When they got a plain bank note in their hands, do they know what their security features are?, how they work? And for spending the bill, do they have to learn how a money press works or how the ink and paper of the bank note are made? No, they use the bank note exactly for its purpose: to pay something.

So why does each of these crypto-specialists want to explain to you how a blockchain works, what a token is, what difference it has got to a normal coin, what POS and POW means? Because they simply forget that ordinary people are not interested in becoming blockchain-programmers. Normal people want to use a cryptocurrency like a normal bill. Where there is no possibility to pay cash, they want to apply all the possibilities, which are offerd by the general monetary system, to crypto currencies. In a nutshell, these are: secure online banking, bank transfers and card payments.

Compared to the world population, the proportion of crypto-money users is still very small. Why is that? In our opinion, this is due to the fact, that crypto-promoters are currently going the wrong direction by trying to make all people cryptofit. Why, instead, we do not put our efforts in trying to make everyone “cryptoable”, no matter where they live?

What exactly does “cryptoable” mean? In our view, a person becomes “cryptoable” if, without having to know much about it, he/she can easily access and use cryptocurrencies without the need off worrying about the technology behind it.

There has to be a system that combines the benefits of both, normal money and cryptocurrency. A normal person does not want to have ten different wallets and be registered with even more exchanges. They do not want to think about hundreds of different crypto-currencies and most of all, being afraid today if he owns anything the next day or if the value of his/her crypto-coins has been destroyed by speculators the very next day. Normal people like you and me want to take advantage of cryptocurrencies and use them for what they have originally been made for: Making payments!

How can we now achieve that most of the world’s population becomes cryptoable?

At S-PAY, we believe we can do this by providing all people with just one platform which can easily be used by EVERYONE. The platform offers a “one-stop-shop concept”, ie:

  1. Multi-Currency accounts for Crypto and FIAT
  2. Payments with Crypto and FIAT in real time
  3. Eliminating the currency risk of crypto payments for shop operators.
  4. Debit cards that can easily be loaded with all available currencies
  5. Sending money to people who do not have a bank account
  6. Buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies
  7. An ICO marketplace
  8. An own coin, with which everything can be paid, and which will be value-stable because there will only be a maximum of 15 million units.
  9. The worldwide possibility to withdraw any currency
  10. Remaining anonymous due to a strict separation of offshore and onshore activity
  11. And all this available with just one account and one login

We also have a Coin which is based on POS, is smart contract capable and has a 10% POS compensation. We also make the system multi-client capable for all users. Anybody who intends to work in the crypto sector can open and operate his/her own exchange with our system within short time!

If this has caught your interest and you want to support our project, take a look at the S-PAY ICO website at and strengthen our growing community in Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, become shareholder by purchase our S-PAY tokens and earn money by promoting our project. There are also free tokens to be earned within the S-PAY Airdrop and Bounty program.

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  • SPC-ICO Admin

    Hi guys! I am really into cryptocurrencies for a long time, but it is really an interesting thing, that still so less people in the world know about it. They may have “heard” about it, but they never got into it, because it sounded too complicated or it was presented them as too complicated. This has to be changed! Are you gonna help us?

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