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Personal freedom of payment. The most important asset in the world! With S-PAY it remains protected!

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Allocation of Funds

The investment made through the ICO will be used as follows:
  • 11% Marketing

  • 10% Administration Team

  • 40% IT & Development

  • 39% Sales & Commissions

s-pay coin

What is the S-PAY Coin?

The S-PAY Coin becomes the main payment instrument in the S-PAY ecosystem. S-PAY Coins can then be purchased on market exchanges or be earned via mining. They can be used for example to pay for fees and acquire credit cards.

Due to the underlying PoS protocol, the S-PAY Coin can not only be used by every user worldwide as a method of payment, discount or participation in the S-PAY ecosystem but in addition every S-PAY Coin owner can “stake” (“save”) his S-PAY Coins and thereby earn up to 10% interest per year. For this reason it pays off twice to own S-PAY Coins.

  • Coin allocation through ICO – Tokens
  • Token/Coin ratio: 1:0.001
  • Smart Contract Integration
  • POS – mineable
  • SPC – Discounts & Promotions
  • Free Tokens for Referrals


1st January 2019
Start of SPC - Token Presale
February 2019
S-PAY Affiliate Network Start
1st February 2019
Start of SPC - Token Sale Phase 1
until 31st December 2019
Development S-PAY Coin (SPC), S-PAY Platfom, Wallets & Nodes
1st Quarter 2020
End ICO - Phase 1 ▶ Distribution of the S-PAY Coins to all Tokenowners ▶ Start ICO - Phase 2
2nd Quarter 2020
Betatest of the new S-PAY Platform ▶ Betatest of the S-PAY Coin-Wallet and the POS-Mining Nodes
3rd Quarter 2020
End of Betatests ▶ Final release of the new S-PAY Platform, the S-PAY Coin-Wallet and the POS-Mining Nodes
4th Quarter 2020
Founding of the S-PAY Bank in Switzerland ▶ Distribution of S-PAY Whitelabel-Debitcards ▶ End ICO - Phase 2

Benefits as an SPC Token owner:

+ S-PAY Whitelabel Debit Card +

Frequently Asked Questions

How many tokens are for sale?

5,000 million tokens were generated of which 2,450 million tokens are for sale. This is corresponds to 49% of all tokens.

Is the S-Pay token a utility or security token?

The S-PAY token is a utility token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. The S-PAY token is not a security token. Holders of the token have no share in the company! However, for the ICO of the S-PAY Coin in March 2019, each token owner can decide whether to exchange his complete tokens into Coins or to use 50% of his tokens to buy shares.

How many tokens must be purchased at least?

You must purchase at least 1,000 tokens. There is no upper limit.

How can tokens be purchased?

You can purchase tokens from this website.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as Euro (EUR) and US dollar (USD) via SEPA/Swift bank transfer. We prefer Ethereum (ETH) as it greatly simplifies the handling of the token allocation.

Which Ethereum wallets are supported?

We support all Ethereum ERC20 wallets, such as Metherwallet, Imtoken, Trezor, etc.

Can I transfer cryptocurrency directly from an exchanger or a market exchange?

Please refrain from sending cryptocurrency directly from a market exchange or exchanger! Send cryptocurrency only from your own wallet so that we can reconcile the payment immediately.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. You can register at For each purchase by one of your referred customers, you will receive 10% of the token volume as an referral bonus. For example, if your referred customer buys 1,000 tokens, you will receive 100 tokens as a referral bonus.

For referrers, who support the project by building an own community, we created an additional multi-level referral bonus system covering 4 levels of referred supporters.
People help people to help other people to become part of the S-PAY project and for doing this, they receive an additional 1% referral bonus in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level and in the 4th level they even get 2% bonus on the token-sales within their supporting network. This is how the success of the S-PAY project is distributed among all supporters right from the beginning.

When do I receive the referral bonus?

As soon as the purchase from your referred customer is completed, the tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address you provided.

My question is not listed here!

Contact us in confidence and open a ticket at or send an email to [email protected].


Our ICO management team consists of selected specialists in finance and software/blockchain development. Within the regulated Swiss company, which will be founded in the course of the S-PAY project, the crew will get a lot larger.